Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme (HISP)

I am a Registered Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme Practitioner, who delivers the programme in schools located within the South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire areas. I am happy to visit schools to talk to staff (e.g. head teachers, SENCOS, learning mentors) about the programme and offer a free taster session.

The Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme (HISP) is a programme which uses clinical hypnotherapy in educational settings to support the learning and general wellbeing of pupils and staff.

For pupils: the programme can be delivered individually for specific issues or in small groups (maximum 4 pupils) for general issues (e.g. exam anxiety). Examples of specific issues which the HISP can be help with are:

  • Low self-esteem; lack of confidence
  • Poor motivation/concentration 
  • Anxiety: exams; social; speaking out loud; answering questions; playtimes; victims of bullying; fear of a specific subject; phobias
  • Dealing with feelings: anxiety; worries; anger; frustration; grief; sadness;
  • Symptoms of some diagnosed conditions: obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); depression; school phobia; anxiety disorders; panic attacks; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); autistic spectrum disorder (ASD); selective mute
  • Self-harming behaviours
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Eating difficulties
  • Pain control
  • Attachment difficulties

For staff: the programme can be delivered individually for specific issues (e.g. pre-OFSTED inspection; confidence around being observed/assessed) or in small groups (maximum 5 members of staff) for general issues (e.g. general de-stressing; relaxation; increasing feelings of wellbeing and confidence building)

The HISP was developed by Caroline Dyson who works in the West Midlands. Caroline has rigorously kept statistics to monitor and evaluate her work in order to gather evidence that the HISP works:

  • 77% of pupils achieved or exceeded at least one of their targets.
  • 95% of pupils achieved at least 3/4 progress towards one or more of their targets.
  • 100% of pupils made some progress towards at least one of their targets.

(Data kindly provided by Coventry HISP, April 2015)

For more information about the HISP visit: www.hypnotherapyinschools.co.uk